Men's Ex-Display Ride Timeless 153cm Less 55%

  • £270.00
  • £599.99
  • - £329.99

This specific board is ex shop display. Having an aluminium topsheet there are a few topsheet marks/scratches but no dents or damage (see accompanying pics).
This is a true 'old school' hard rider's board. i.e. you may wish to stop and wait for your mates to catch up ......


Size: 153


Flex: Very stiff.  Almost old school early 2000’s stiff.

On Snow Feel: Really stable and not as catchy as you would think even though it’s camber to the tail. The 153 felt like that friend’s little brother in high school that like 3 years younger but still kicks the shit out of people your age.  It’s a mean snappy super poppy directional ride that is for those that want more old school stiffness but new school float.

Edge Hold: Of all the ride boards we tried this had the best edge hold. It grips well enough and we wish other ride boards held this well.  We have noticed over the years that Ride boards in general (even the stiffer ones) seem to want to let go earlier than a lot of their peers.  We don’t need Magnetraction or something that aggressive but would love to see a touch more. For the first time we were almost satisfied with the edge hold but still felt that the grip was not what we would expect for flex of this type.

Turn Initiation:  The 153 snapped quickly edge to edge but we were sized down. The board initiated quickly to the edge and could make some tighter radius turns.  Also, it did it in a lively way and we were glad we had the Capo’s on this.

Skidded Turns: This is not a board for the rider that skids turns. It’s better than an old camber because of all the rocker after the front binding but you can still easily catch an edge on the tail if you start getting off your game and skidding it out.

Carving: Really fun to lay out a surfy carve of any aggression level. one of this boards shining points and we never really felt the tail wash even though it’s tapered. We do put more weight on the tail with boards like this but still, it felt pretty good in the tail. .

Speed: Very fast. This 153 is small and out specs should have overpowered this size but it hauled ass. 

Uneven Terrain: Now this isn’t ideal in uneven terrain and it really likes good conditions to uneven snow.  Still paired up with the super damp Capo bindings it handled the little bit of uneven snow better than expected.  You would think this would be an utter nightmare but it wasn’t.

Powder: No powder, but man, all that rocker in the nose should give it some really easy directional float with nice pop off the tail.

Switch:  didn’t even try.

Jibbing: no way.

Pipe: Maybe but no pipe at the mountain we tried it at.

Jumps: Really good spring off the tail and although this isn’t ideal for spinning it excels with straight airs of any size.