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  • Ski 'n' Boardroom Gift Card
  • Ski 'n' Boardroom Gift Card
  • Ski 'n' Boardroom Gift Card
  • Ski 'n' Boardroom Gift Card

Ski 'n' Boardroom Gift Card

  • £25.00

Need the perfect gift for a snow sports fanatic? Our gift vouchers are a great way of giving someone the gift of choice to shop as they please!

Shop our vouchers in various different values to redeem when you would like. Vouchers can be used on our website only and not in-store - once purchased, you'll be sent your unique digital voucher that can be redeemed at anytime.

Snowboards & Skis Specialists

If you’re looking for ski and, look no further than Ski ‘n’ Boardroom in Glasgow - we can cater to all your needs. Whether you are searching for snowboard equipment in the beginner stage or are after ski boots for your brand new skis so you can hit the ski lifts and slopes this coming season, you are in the right place. skiing or snowboarding is a great way to get out and enjoy the snow, offering great fun for all of the family; with technical aspects such as a straight-on stance and ski poles being all the rage, we have everything you can need for both skiing and snowboarding. Our team can provide you with both women's and men's snowboards and skis, so take a look across our shop including our sale! 

Being the longest established ski and snowboard specialist in the area means you can trust that you’re in the right hands; our team will be able to help you on the flat ground find the right two skis for sliding down the slopes, as well as finding the right snowboard for every snowboarder out there. First-time skiers are welcome in our store; whether you have been inspired by the winter Olympics or are yearning for some summer snow, or you are avid snowboarders, we have you covered. The big question will remain, skiing vs snowboarding? It does not matter; we can provide you with equipment for both skiing and snowboarding.

Ski Boots, Ski Poles, Snowboard Boots and Snowboard Equipment

As well as retail of snowboards and skis, we also provide ski hire services and ski repair across Scotland and the UK; call our team today for more information. Our team comprises passionate people; we can help with personal preferences, such as toe edges and back foot positioning on your snowboard; let our team of experts provide you with everything you need, ski or snowboard; we have you covered. Our team here at Ski N Board Room understand every skier and snowboarder is different. All have different preferences, such as some skiers like to use two poles; others use none depending on the type of skiing you are carrying out; for example, Nordic skiing is entirely different to traditional skiing, so is cross country skiing and Alpine skiing. Personal preference dictates precisely what you are looking for and the mountains you will come down to, so beginners are more than welcome in our shop.