Smith Helmets

Are you looking for that extra protection you need for enjoying the slopes? Are you looking for a helmet that provides you with more than safety? Why not look at the Smith snow helmet, integration of safety and style mixed into one stunning helmet brand? 

Whether you are looking for the matte cinder haze hi-res, the matte draplin hi res spruce safari hi-res, or the prospect jr, you will find a vast range of Smith helmets available right here for quick and efficient delivery. Our Ski And Board Room team takes great pride in offering Smith helmets; they are some of the communities best options, utilising MIPS technology. 

If you are ready to place an order, find the model of Smith helmet that works for you and order today! 

Smith Helmets Available At Ski N Board Room

Smith is a premium brand that offers a variety of helmet styles and designs for different outdoor activities. Their products are designed to provide optimal protection, comfort, and style. They use cutting-edge technology and innovative materials to produce helmets to ensure they meet industry safety standards.

Some of their most popular helmet lines include the Smith Variance, the Smith Maze, and the Smith Zoom. These helmets are specifically designed for snow, cycling, and water sports. Each helmet has features tailored to the specific activity it is designed for, such as increased ventilation for snow sports helmets or compatibility with goggles for cycling helmets.

In addition to their helmet offerings, Smith sells accessories and replacement parts for their helmets, such as replacement liners and visors. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Smith provides exceptional customer service and a warranty for all their products.

What Is MIPS Technology? 

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a technology used in some Smith helmets to enhance head protection in the event of an impact. The MIPS system adds a low-friction layer between the head and the helmet. 

This layer is designed to rotate slightly during an impact, which helps to absorb rotational forces and reduce the risk of brain injury.

Smith helmets equipped with MIPS technology are designed to provide increased protection for the head and brain, especially in oblique impacts, which occur at an angle rather than directly on the head. 

By absorbing rotational forces, MIPS technology can help to reduce the risk of brain injury and improve overall helmet performance.

It's important to note that while MIPS technology can provide enhanced protection in certain types of impacts, it is not a guarantee against injury. The best way to reduce the risk of injury while participating in a high-impact activity is always to wear a properly fitting helmet and follow all safety guidelines.

Why Choose A Smith Helmet For Snowboarding And Skiing? 

Here at Ski N Board Room, we have been supplying snowboarders and skiers with Smith helmets for several years; over this time, we have learnt a thing or two about why they are some of the best options on the market. 

Some of the main reasons you should choose Smith helmets are as follows; 

Safety: Smith helmets are designed to meet industry safety standards and are equipped with features like MIPS technology to enhance head protection.

Comfort: Smith helmets are known for their comfortable fit, with features like removable ear pads and adjustable ventilation to keep you comfortable on the slopes.

Style: Smith helmets come in various colours and designs, allowing you to express your style while staying safe.

Compatibility: Smith helmets are compatible with goggles, ensuring a seamless and comfortable fit when you're out on the slopes.

Durability: Smith helmets are made with high-quality materials and are built to last, making them a reliable choice for frequent skiers and snowboarders.

Smith helmets offer a combination of safety, comfort, style, compatibility, and durability, making them a popular choice for snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts. 

If you would like to place an order for one of our Smith helmets, you can do so right here, or if you have questions or queries, be sure to reach out and speak to our team today, we will have the perfect helmet for you, whether it is the liberty helmet or a Black Hi-Res snowboarding helmet. Find your perfect match!

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