• Womens Northwave Domino SL Grey

Womens Northwave Domino SL Grey

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 The Domino SL is everything you expect out of a purebred freestyle boot, hyper-light and comfortable. This boot maintains the type of versatility, durability, flex, and comfort that a truly innovative rider demands.

Outer Boot
At the forefront with the application of thermo-welded piping, Northwave has perfected its usage. This technology brings distinct advantages both in terms of enabling Northwave to integrate different materials and maintain a durable and resistant seamless outsole. This is particularly important in the ankle where there is no interruption of the upper boot technology bringing you progressive support from the heel to the calf. The visible asymmetrical Y differentiates the three zones in the boot: it provides a stronger support on the outside for increased control when pressing, buttering and spinning, more flexibility on lateral inner boot, and lighter still above.

Inner Boot
New advanced lining material in Thermo-Fit Foam with target fit zones that can catalyse instantly with a heater or over time from natural body heat. Malleolus area anatomically designed and reinforced with injected memory foam for better retention and comfort on the feet. Northwave analysed the athletes’ movements so to avoid the contact points and place the padding only where needed and at the right thickness to create the perfect interface, even matching the binding’s ankle strap. Comfortable EVA footbed with side supports for better thermal insulation and for shock absorption.

The all-mountain/freestyle Stamina outsole is made of an EVA RP-compound, which makes the material more elastic and responsive than conventional outsoles. With two gripping surfaces, the Stamina outsoles are lighter than most alternatives that maximise the contact points and grip and minimise the surface area. 

The Super Lace SL Speed Lacing System allows the closure of two different boot areas, the quarter part, and the collar part, to allow you to select the perfect feeling on each part and improve comfort and foot stability. Your boot will be closed quickly and will stay tight and perform all day. The 540° Heel Retention System passes the boot laces through pre-curved lace loops which help to minimise friction. When the laces are pulled to close the boot, they are simultaneously pulling the webbing where the lace loops are linked tight increasing heel stability. This mechanism is a result of the webbing passing through a hole from the side of the boot tightening the liner over the ankle area. The more the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred through the ankle area, increasing heel retention performance and foot stability.