• Mens Salomon Ultimate Ride 2021 Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Mens Salomon Ultimate Ride 2021 Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Bode’s quiver killer for everything from big booters to street lines and AK spines, the Ultimate Ride does it all. Featuring a laundry list of high-end technology and a tapered twin shape, this board is designed for progressive riders seeking airtime and pillow lines. Quad Camber and Ghost Carbon Beams provide lightning response in any condition.

Quad Camber
The aggressive characteristics of camber blended with rocker on the tip and tail to make the board playful and agile in pow. Quad Camber built with a blend of different radiuses and is more forgiving than a regular camber but maintains the reactivity and pop.
Explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic allows high speed carving as well as superior edge control in tight spots.

Ghost Carbon Beam
Two carbon beams inserts on tip and tail for maximum pop and increased stability during high speed charging.

Shape: True Twin
Width: Regular
Flex: Responsive