• Mens Nitro Cinema Snowboard

Mens Nitro Cinema Snowboard

  • £168.95
  • £330.00
  • - £161.05
So you've been up a couple times now. You've seen the terrain park and it's changed your perception of what is humanly possible on a snowboard. If your ambitions have grown far past linking turns and honing in your toeside carves, the Nitro Cinema Snowboard is willing to take you there. Crafted for progressing beginners that aspire to stack footy, the Cinema is here to prep you for the big screen. Featuring the easy-going Park Flex and a buttery Gullwing Rocker, you'll be able to float through the jump section and slide boxes until you've built the confidence to hit handrails. And even once you feel comfortable with complex tricks, the Nitro Cinema Snowboard will continue pushing you towards harder and harder tricks -- it's just that good.