Bent Metal

Mens Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Bindings Black 2021/22

  • £154.99
  • £219.99
  • - £65.00

Dynamic freestyle integration. Our softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial fiber Drive Plate allows you maximum freedom of movement in freestyle terrain and unrestrained flow in powder or smooth groomers. New to the LOGIC this year the dyadic construction Dual Band ankle strap and your choice between the cored out symmetric Love Handle or solid urethane highback.

Art by Pika Burtner
Throw the buoy and sink the net with Christina “Pika” Burtner’s driftnet themed LOGIC. The tricks will be hitting like strikes and flurries, you’ll be smoking the net! (And if you want to find out what all that means you should go to Bristol Bay and get a job as a deck hand, ask for Sid at the City Dock in Naknek, bring your own raingear and boots, leaving at high tide.)