• Demon Mini Snowboard Lock

Demon Mini Snowboard Lock

The beauty of this mini Demon snowboard lock lies in it's very small size, soft rounded shape and very light weight - all of which combine to make it almost unnoticeable in your pocket when not in use.

A snowboard lock is an essential deterrent to the opportunist thief and stops your snowboard or skis from being snatched from outside the restaurant at lunch time or whilst you're enjoying that quick apres ski drink.

Use a lock to secure your luggage too - especially important when your bags are in the hotel lobby on checkout day or at the airport or train station.

How to set the lock combination:
Leave the numbers in their original position ie 0 0 0. Push the little black button with a spike, pin or pencil tip until you here it click. Rotate the numbers to your desired code. Squeeze the gate door of the lock until it releases the little black button (you should hear it click again). That's it - new combination set!

Features Include
  • 3 Digit Security Lock: Set the combination to something you'll remember!
  • Neat and Compact: Just 7cm x 5cm.
  • Tiny 50 Grammes Weight : So light you can forget that it's in your pocket.
  • 28 Inch (70cm) retractable stranded steel cable.
  • 1.6mm cable thickness.
  • Ergonomic and tactile shape will not dig into your ribs when you wipe out!.