Slastik Sport 007 Polarized Flash AR Sunglasses Black

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Sport 007

Thanks to its magnetic centre closure, Slastik lets you put on and take off the glasses with comfort and carry them around the necks when they are not needed. Bimaterial elastomeric strap gives a total grip with minimal pressure distributed uniformly. Telescopic rods system lets you adjust them to a perfect fit.

All Slastik sunglasses are equipped with polycarbonate lenses which are lightweight, impact resistant and UV400 protected. Resistant to impacts ANSI Z87, meets optical regulations ANSI Z80.3-2001, ANSI Z80.7, AS/NZ/1067, EN 1836:2005 +A1:2007 (CEE)

POLARIZED – removes light reflections from surfaces and gives a sharper vision (99.8% efficiency)

ANTI REFLECTIVE (AR) – application of a multilayer coating to the inside of the lens avoids rays of light coming in from behind and and bouncing off into the eyes

FLASH coating – mirror effect