Rossignol Xena X6 White Women’s Ski Boots 27.5cm

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Xena X6

Created specifically for beginning and intermediate female skiers, Rossignol’s easy-fitting Xena X6 Ski Boots emphasize comfort with enough support for mastering intermediate runs while mixing in a black diamond adventure or two. Unlike a lot of other companies that simply note anatomical differences between men and women, Rossignol employs a team of women who specifically address their products through a Feminine Intuitive Technology (F.I.T.). In the Xena X6 Ski Boot, these refinements include a women’s true specific cuff, women’s easy entry concept and a women’s lasted liner technology. Because women’s feet and lower calves are anatomically different from men’s, the Xena X6 liner is lower and cut out along the back for a better fit.