Rossignol Alltrack 70 Trans/Violet Blue Women’s Ski Boots 23.5cm

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Alltrack 70

The ALLTRACK 70 W has redefined the women’s “all-mountain ski boot” for intermediate skiers. With a revolutionary fusion of on-trail precision, freeride versatility and a forgiving 102mm fit, the Alltrack W’s ground breaking blend of comfort and performance has made it the industry’s most acclaimed new all-mountain boot. Our external Sensor Grid shell technology and OptiSensor liners with Thinsulate enhance forefoot wrapping for increased comfort, warmth and support while providing maximum interaction between the foot, liner and shell for powerful, efficient energy transmission. Grip soles provide increased traction and durability while the ski-hike mode, delivers the hiking range-of-motion and unprecedented downhill performance that every all-mountain skier demands.