2017 Drake League Snowboard

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Start with something new and snag the League as you learn to ride. Simple, fun, and easy to ride, this board let’s you share in the stoke that is snowboarding. Drake has some of the best boards and riders on the planet, but if you’re not looking to ride something big in AK or execute the most technical tricks, then relax and have some fun with the League.

Directional Twin

Tip and tail area on these boards are the same width. Tail is usually shorter than the tip and the inserts are slightly offset toward the tail of the board.

Continuum Rocker

Drake’s own way of creating reverse camber over the board. Delivered from the Smiley concept, it offers a reverse free camber shape creating a constant arch from tip to tail which comes in 6mm higher when compared to a regular snowboard. Boards ride smoother, minimizing edge catching on take offs and landings, allowing great nose and tail presses and taking sensation to a whole new level. When it’s applied to a freeride oriented model like the Green Battle it gives an outstanding glide and lift in soft and deep snow.


Glass fibers are positioned at 90° off-axis to transmit soft torsional stiffness for an easy carving ride.


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