Fischer Soma Vision 80 Sand/Pearl/Bordeaux Women’s Ski Boots 23.5cm

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Soma Vision 80

Fischer Soma Vision 80 is for all-round talents. This versatile sport/comfort boot with FFS Comfort Fit, Women fit Liner with cosy fur lining, Outside Canting, Cuff Trim Device, Heat System Ready and, naturally, Soma-Tec. Soma-Tec harnesses all power exactly in the direction you want to ski for maximum acceleration. The feet are positioned exactly on the centre of the skis when standing for optimum distribution of centrifugal force. Soma-Tec also incorporates an anatomic last that allows you to stand with your feet in a natural V-position. As a result, knees and ankle joints are no longer twisted, even when the knees are bent. This enables maximum control with minimum effort. The skier’s centre of gravity is exactly over the centre axis of the ski to reduce centrifugal force. This ensures uniform, permanent edge grip. The same lever length also enables very dynamic edge switching and tighter radius turns.