2017 Ride Crook Snowboard

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The RIDE Crook has all of the guts to defy conventional snowboarding. Its versatile shape and familiar rocker through tip and tail makes the Crook a team favorite for both morning hot laps and afternoon film cameos. RIDE Slimewalls® dampen high-speed, all-mountain rides, then coast into the park cause this deck will take a beating. By transferring new graphics from Brian Romero directly into the fiberglass, we don’t even need to add a heavy topsheet.
The Artist: Brian Romero
We brought Brian Romero on board to design a graphic that would communicate directly with the performance of the Crook because his artistic history supported what we envisioned for this series. “I’ve always had this rebellious nature, and enjoyed making pictures that upset people. It’s a weird power to have, to use a piece of paper and pencil and piss people off with it” (The Hundreds interview). Tapping into RIDE’s DNA from past team series models, Romero created a size run base graphics with a variety of characteristically crooked figures.


  • Brian Romero Graphic
  • Twin Rocker Profile
  • Slimewalls
  • Foundation Core
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Fusion 1500 Base
  • 2×4 Inserts
  • Topless Construction

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Rocker Profile:

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