• Mens Rossignol Seek 7 (with look pin demo bindings & skins) 176cm

Mens Rossignol Seek 7 (with look pin demo bindings & skins) 176cm

  • £599.99
  • £1,094.99
  • - £495.00

This is an ex demo ski although it has never been used hence it comes with Look HM10 Demo pin bindings and skins

A new addition to the beloved 7 series, the Rossignol Seek 7 Skis bring some backcountry flavor to the lineup, with a stunningly lightweight construction that will propel you to the top with ease. Whether you're reaping the reward of your hard work or riding the frontside moguls, the versatile 86 mm waist width and Rossignol's combination of brand-new Air Tip 2.0 construction and carbon/basalt reinforcement is shockingly stable and fun on the ski down, making the Rossignol Seek 7 Skis a fantastic setup for skiers that ride both in and out of bounds regularly.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Freeride Rocker 50% Camber / 50% Progressive Tip & Tail Rocker  Power, energy and grip underfoot. Effortless flotation, steering and speed control in powder.


Centered Sidecut  A short sidecut directly underfoot combined with a uniquely tapered tip and tail. The deep radius underfoot provides edge grip and power where you need it while the short length of the sidecut allows easy steering and playfulness.


Paulownia and Cell Core


Air Tip 2.0  100% all-new, fully-integrated 3D construction is now lighter and stronger for more balanced performance from tip to tail. The visible internal reinforcement and fully-integrated design eliminates deflection and instability, delivering more concentrated power and energy throughout the ski. Reduced weight at the extremities keeps tips naturally afloat while ensuring ultra-light swing weight, effortless manoeuvrability, and enhanced ski control.

Carbon Alloy Matrix  This brand-new fiber is ushering in a new era of high-efficiency materials. Combining an extremely lightweight design with high mechanical properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski’s performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and permissiveness, or stability and manoeuvrability. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of a clever blend of Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber. Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while Basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties. Boost your skiing for a white-knuckle experience!


Central Sidewall  Sidewall underfoot, with a transition to cap construction in the tip and tail for durability and weight savings.


Sintered HD

  • Terrain:All-Mountain, Alpine Touring