• Mens Scott Superguide 95 (178cm) with Salomon Shift (295mm-325mm) incl skins - ex demo skis

Mens Scott Superguide 95 (178cm) with Salomon Shift (295mm-325mm) incl skins - ex demo skis

  • £595.00
  • £1,095.00
  • - £500.00

The Speedguide 95 is a touring ski for men from Scott.

 Scott's Superguide range offers the perfect balance between performance, power and lightness. The Superguide 95 will accompany you in your most extreme adventures. 

It is especially designed for experienced skiers who wish to explore untouched slopes in the mountains, with good stability while keeping good comfort in walking mode.

This is the intermediate version of the Superguide range for balance between lift in powder snow and lightness on the way up. Apart from its dimensions, the Superguide 95 has the same construction as its little brother Superguide 88 and its elder brother  Superguide Freetour.

The Superguide 95  has an integral paulownia wood core with hardwood reinforcements for a light yet more rigid ski

Its semi-elliptical sandwich construction with sloping carbon and aramid edges provides excellent torsional rigidity while reducing weight considerably. With Scott's unique 3Dimension Sidecut, the ski is lively and allows for easy turn initiation despite a long radius. You can also adapt your turns as you want and according to the type of terrain.  

In terms of shape, the Superguide 95 is equipped with Rocker 320 Pro-Tip, giving it the necessary lift in deep snow as well as versatility and agility.

This provides the ski with good grip and makes it stable, versatile and light enough to face even the biggest slopes without flinching. Finally, the Superguide has a quick and easy skin fixation system developed by the brand.  

For experienced ski tourers looking for a handy, stable, all-purpose touring ski with good lift capacity and which does not weigh you down on the way up!


Salomon Shift S/Lab


The Shift introduced the next generation of freeride capability and still leads the way, blending the efficiency of the best uphill bindings with the power and precision of the leading alpine models. The toe piece has the advantages of a pin binding allowing for convenient hiking but can be shifted to become a downhill binding. A true a high-performance freeride option with certified DIN alpine heel and toes and full compatibility to all DIN ISO norm boots. It moves between the Alpine and Tour categories like nothing else out there.


Binding Type
Backcountry Hybrid (Multi Norm Alpine on descent and PinCert on ascent)

Boot Compatibility
In Alpine mode it will accept boots with any DIN standard (Alpine ISO 5255, Tour ISO 9523, GripWalk, WTR), this does exclude the lightest models of pin boot that fall outside of DIN Norms. To use the climbing function a boot with pin inserts at the toe is required.

Skier Type
Freerider, Backcountry. The light weight, 13 DIN and full alpine release make this ideal for skiers who want the safety of an alpine binding and the uphill capacity of a tour model. It can charge on the descent just like the best alpine options and, with a quick flick of the switch, it'll tackle ascents with more finesse than many BC bindings.

Key Features

Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride terrain.

SKIING, Elastic Travel
47mm of elastic travel on the wings, holds the boot back when faced with bigger shocks and minimizes the risk of pre-release.

A simple push of a button effortlessly turns the toe of this binding from a solid down hill binding into an efficient pin toe system for climbing.

CLIMBING, Hike & Ride Switch
A flip over lever on the heel easily locks the brakes up and out of the way, giving a 2 degree climbing angle.

CLIMBING, Climbing Aids
Climbing: If the 2° angle isn't enough then a simple flick of the climbing aid changes it to 10°.


  • DIN / Release Value: 6-13
  • Brake Width: 110
  • Weight: 885
  • Boot Sole Standard Compatibility : Alpine (ISO 5355), Tour (ISO 9523), GripWalk, WTR. Pin inserts are required for ascending.
  • Stand Height: 30mm
  • Available Adjustment: 30mm
  • Climbing Positions: 2°, 10°
  • Crampon Compatibilty : Yes (specific model)
  • Boot Length : 295mm - 325mm
  • Colour: Black / Blue