• Men's Rossignol Seek 7 Tour Skis - Now less 35%

Men's Rossignol Seek 7 Tour Skis - Now less 35%

  • $404.00
  • $622.00
  • - $218.00

The Seek 7 is the thinnest and lighter model of the 7 freeride skis Series from Rossignol. It will be truly perfect for freetouring so if you want to see what's on the other side of the mountain, it's now or never!

What's on the agenda for the Rossignol Seek 7 Tour ski?

With its 86mm waist width and featherweight, the Seek 7 will take you to the summit in a snap! Its Air Tip 2.0 tip and classic camber ensure an excellent grip on the climb for easy kick turns. Once you got up there and have enjoyed the view, you can have a blast riding down, the front rocker won't let you sink in and offers a good buoyancy in the fresh. If you'd rather stay on the piste, you can also enjoy its great agility and grip on hardpack. So, ready for a new adventure?

Who is the Rossignol Seek 7 Tour ski for?

The Seek 7 is destined to advanced and expert riders looking for a light and performance ski for 100% fun outings.

What are the main assets of the Rossignol Seek 7 Tour?


Very versatile