• Mens Head V8 with PR11 WG bindings skis

Mens Head V8 with PR11 WG bindings skis

The Head V-Shape V8 returns unchanged for 2022, marking another journey around the sun as a fantastic option for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking for something light, easy, and fun to use. Thanks to the shape, construction, and profile of these great all-mountain/front side skis, there's a whole lot of skiers out there who will advance and progress through the levels. The Head V-Shape series is a successful one because it targets a huge group of skiers, and successfully so

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our skiing is done on intermediate terrain and at intermediate speed. From experts down to beginners, most of the skiing is done in this format. Sometimes the crowds dictate where we need to go, and others, the layout of the mountain. Either way, most skiers find themselves on this type of terrain in mostly manicured conditions for a majority of their ski day, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, companies like Head specialize in a whole line of skis that excels in this format, with the V-Shape V8 being one of the middle-ground options of that lineup.

At 75 mm underfoot, we're right in the sweet spot for making a lot of turns. While on the front-side and narrow end of the total ski spectrum, they still offer enough of a balance point for skiers to be able to stand on the skis and not feel like they're tipping over. This width of ski makes it quick from edge to edge, and allows the skier to make a multitude of turns no matter what the conditions may be. The V-Shape of the ski refers to a wider tip and a narrower tail, putting more emphasis on the skier and his or her ability to dictate the shape and duration of the turn. The skis are not hooky or grabby as a result, even though they have a relatively short turn radius of 13.2 meters at the 170 cm length. Built with a blend of cap and sidewall, the skis are grippy underfoot and easy to manoeuvre in the tips and tails--perfect for scooting through and around the groomers with the utmost of confidence.

Built with a caruba wood core, the skis also get a boost from carbon and graphene laminates. These materials are all known for their combination of light weight and stiffness, so the strength to weight ratio of these skis is off the charts. They're lightning-quick as a result, and this makes for great manoeuvrability in the bumps and trees as well as on the narrower trails that you may encounter. While there's a bit of rocker in the tips and tails, it exists more for entry and exit of the turn rather than flotation on fresh snow. Since these skis tend to be used more in an on-trail format, it's no wonder that they do this, as it improves the overall composure of the ski even on firmer and icier conditions. When you lean into the ski and drive forward into your boot, the ski will come around hastily, but not abusively. At the tail end, the skis love to kick out of the turn and launch you into the next one, and it's just a great way to go about skiing down the hill

Thanks to the shape, profile, and construction of the ski, the Head V-Shape V8 is a smooth customer that loves to be on edge and in a carved turn. There's a whole lot of skiers out there who will not only benefit from, but also enjoy the capabilities of the ski, leading to a whole lot of enjoyment and carving pleasure out there on the hill. This is the prime example of how a ski is built and designed to satisfy the needs and wants of the many