Zeal Level Goggles
Zeal Level Goggles

Zeal Level Goggles Large / White Out

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Product Description


You’ll see everything from behind the massive lens of the Zeal Level Goggle, and we really mean everything. Unique colourways and a peppering of stylized textures differentiate each colourway of the Level goggle, but every Level offers the same oversize and optically precise Optimum lens. Best of all, this goggle is still helmet-compatible so you don’t have to ditch your brain bucket just for all that extra protection for your eyeballs.


  • Optimum Lens is Zeal’s finest lens design, crafted from top-shelf materials and shaped to provide crystal-clear optics
  • Lens design includes multiple vents and an anti-fog coating that keep your vision clear of moisture
  • Impact-resistant frame flexes to absorb the hardest hits
  • Dual strap system allows for plenty of adjustment so you can dial in the most comfortable fit
  • Solid Stitch construction utilizes heavy-duty thread to increase the durability and longevity of the goggle strap
  • A double-beaded layer of silicon keeps your goggle strap securely in place on a helmet or around a hat